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Amazon Private Label Coaching & Consulting

“Selling private label products on Amazon is the simplest way to build a new brand to 7 figures in revenue within 12 months. Branding goods with your own logo is straightforward and Amazon has millions of buyers ready to purchase your products. Their FBA program deals with all warehousing and fulfilment making it easier to grow a business and generate significant ongoing passive income”

Steven Loi Seven Figure Amazon Seller | Coach & Mentor 

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Your Brand

Learn how to source high quality and readily available “white label” products and add your own branding to them to make them your own. The process has never been easier.

Amazon FBA

Ship manufactured products directly to Amazon and have them store them in their warehouses, pick and pack, ship to customers and even do after sales customer support for you. It’s never been more hands off.

Expand & Scale

Grow your brand by adding more products each month and expand into other geographies including Europe, Asia and even Australia. Scale your brand off Amazon leveraging Shopify, eBay and Walmart. Becoming an international powerhouse.

 “As a result of Steven’s coaching, I’ve launched a very successful online business and brand that was quickly profitable and have a road map I feel confident will take the business to the next level”

Kristen M.  (Amazon USA Seller)

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“From the unlimited messages to the one on one calls, Steven delivers an insane amount of value, whether you want to start from scratch or you are stuck and need some help, he will transform your business to a whole new level that you never thought was possible.”

Johnny A. (Amazon US Seller)

7 Figure Selling

In 2017, Steven generated over $1.2MM in revenue on Amazon USA alone and is on track for $2MM annual revenue this year with over 26% net profit margin.

International Seller

Two years ago, Steven launched his brand into the UK and subsequently the rest of the EU and the revenue from EU is now over 30% of total revenue.

Not Just Amazon

Steven also sells on other platforms like Shopify, eBay and Walmart and teaches how to scale brands outside of Amazon in order to generate real brand presence.

Mentor & Consultant

Steven consults with many brands and has students from all over the globe. His strategies are built from real world experiences in managing his own brands.

Seeing Is Believing

Get coached 1-on-1 by an experienced 7 figure Amazon seller who has been in the trenches of private labelling for over 5 years!

Learn proven strategies to increase traffic and boost conversions. You won’t find these strategies in courses or free on the internet as they are typically shared in high level masterminds that Steven attends, and these strategies have been implemented in Steven’s own business with huge results.

The coaching includes as much 1-on-1 time you require, but also weekly 1-on-1 screen share sessions where detailed topics are covered specific to your business and products. Additionally, get unlimited support via phone calls and messages for not only answers to questions, but to review your business decisions.

1-on-1 coaching is the fast path to success so let Steven guide you in building and scaling your own 7 figure private label business

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“I highly recommend Steven’s coaching, he is a super nice guy to work with and to be honest his mentorship is amazing! Everything he teaches is as clear as it can get, and he will work by your side every step of the way! Personally I was on the verge of quitting, I was making around 500 a month and nothing that I was trying was working, until I met Steven of course and in just 3 months of his coaching he took me to over $10,000 per WEEK!”

Johnny A. (Amazon US Seller)

“I’ve been working with Steven for about a year - in both a group and one on one capacity and have found great value in his guidance. There’s so much noise out there and when you’re new to amazon P&L and have limited time it’s invaluable to have someone who’s experienced give you quick answers so you can act and progress quickly. Steven has been great and understands fully what it’s like to go on the journey - no question is too big or too small for him.”

Kristen M. (Amazon USA Seller)

1-on-1 Coaching

Work with Steven 1-on-1 through weekly live screen share sessions. Unlimited calls and messages for mentoring. Review of all your business decisions. Coaching fees: USD$1000 – $2500 per month

Troubleshooting Calls

Have Steven troubleshoot any aspect of your Amazon private label business. Live sessions to discuss and resolve issues plaguing your products and business. Consulting fees: starting from USD$300 per hour

Brand Consulting

Have Steven on your team. Analyzes and consults to recommend and make business decisions together with you. Unlimited contact, session and calls. Consulting fees: starts from USD$2000 per month

Listing Optimization

Have Steven review your Amazon product and listing and provide actionable steps for improvement. Or have Steven completely optimize your listing for you. Optimization fee: USD$300 – $1500 per listing

Account Management

Have Steven personally manage your account. From listing optimization through to PPC. All Amazon business operations managed and done for you. Management fees: starts from USD$2000 per month

Short Courses

Coming soon, Steven will be teaching in a course format specific topics and strategies such as product research, keyword optimization, Amazon PPC etc. Course fees: starting at USD$300 per topic

Get ready to build your brand!

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